Sometimes I ponder about a lot of things in life and end up with no satisfactory conclusion. Like how people in our immediate society will encourage us to be ourselves and enjoy our twenties while they last; sometimes even go about saying that we don’t necessarily have to have everything figured out at such a tender age. But again it’s the same people through their actions make you feel that you need to get your business together as soon as possible.
Living as an individual person (or attempting to) as opposed to the African norm of being collective proves to be even harder as you are torn in between sides and a mixture of other cultural elements you do not know of, let alone understand. ||Some people go to the extent of making themselves your responsibility!!, like not having your life together isn’t bad enough.||
These are just some things that I am in conflict with, that I can’t seem to get the essence of. And to situations as such I choose to run away in search of the life, things and people that I can relate to; and until that happens I’ll just keep running.
“Sometimes exposure comes with the cost of being a hermit”

About the look

With fall season setting in I couldn’t help but bring out my olives, lovely pumpkin oranges and maroons.  For today’s look I decided to get creative with a very sentimental piece given to me by my late grandfather. This shirt has been sitting in my wardrobe for years, since I didn’t know what to do with it. Thanks to late night Instagram browsing I got inspired to style it.

I paired it with an olive skirt also worn here, and added a pair of nude heels for a palette touch and finished off with some small jewelry and flaming lips. This is something I’d definitely wear just to be extra, lol!

Thank you for stopping by the blog and let me know your thoughts on the look and the costs of exposure.

What am I wearing?
Shoes: MySale|| Skirt: Thrifted|| Shirt: Hand me down||Accessories: Gift

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