As of recent I’ve unknowingly made it a habit to indulge in herbal teas and drinks rather than just plain black tea. Mostly due to their benefits to the body as well as their tastes, and so here I am to share with you possibly my favorite healthy drink that I’ve been enjoying for quite a while.
This tea usually makes me feel calm and collected unlike my actual self and for some reason reminds me of yummy Asian soups. The citrus-y smell of Lemongrass is just so wonderful on a morning when working is the last thing on my mind.

Some of the wonders that lemongrass can do to the body include helping in digestion, keeping the skin healthy, cleansing and detoxifying the body, fighting depression by strengthening the nervous system and even keeping cancer at bay by attacking cancerous cells present in the body. There are more among many other things which you can read about here.
It’s also a great source of vitamins and other nutritional elements necessary for the body like iron, copper, potassium and the likes.

What you’ll need:
}  Lemongrass leaves/ teabags
}  Pot/Pan
}  Honey/ Sweetener of your choice
To make the tea you’ll proceed like you normally would any tea, just note that you can either boil the water and steep the leaves or put the leaves in and bring the water to boil. You can add a sweetener of your choice or enjoy the tea unsweetened. So far, I like it best when its plain lemongrass tea but you can experiment with other flavors of your choice i.e. lemon, cardamom or whatever works for you.
Share with me your current favorite drinks on the comment section so I can try them.

Thank you for stopping by and have great day!

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