Getting or having the perfect skin all year long seems to be the ultimate goal for most ladies. As of recent I’ve been taking a break from makeup and only wear it when I really have to, and even so it’s just powder. I just feel like my skin deserves to breath and also so that I can keep track of the effectiveness of the products i'm using.
My daily routine follows 4 essential steps which focus on cleanse, eyes, boost and moisturize which may take up about 2 minutes or less of my time every morning and evening.

My routine is as follows:
 Day time

Step 1: Cleanse
 I begin by wetting my face with warm water then proceed to take a damp cotton pad which will act as my ‘exfoliator’. Then adding a pea sized squirt of the true perfection cleanser and gently work it in small circles on my face and neck. I tend to focus especially on my t-zone area due to the excess sebum and large pores.
 Thereafter, I gently rinse the face and pat dry with a towel. Then take another damp cotton pad for applying the toner on the face and neck.
N:B Here are some useful face care (cleansing) tips from Oriflame beauty editors -->    Golden rules of cleansing

Step 2: Eyes
After the cleansing procedure I move on to the second stage which is to moisturize the under eye area. For which, the true perfection illuminating eye cream comes in handy to de-puff and hydrate the under eye area. //The skin surrounding the eyes is very delicate hence it needs the care it deserves//.

Step 3: Boost
After taking care of my eyes, I proceed with applying the radiance serum which boosts the functions of the face cream(s). The serum is infused with silk extract that leaves your skin with a nice healthy ‘glow’.

Step 4: Moisturize
Finally, I apply the day cream which minimizes the pores and hydrates the skin for the whole day.

Night time

During the night I repeat steps 1-4 but I switch up a few things like
(i) incorporating a gentle face brush to get rid of all the gunk that has accumulated on the skin throughout the day.
(ii) Using another eye cream /(Optimals refreshing eye cream) this is supposed to deal with dark circles
(iii) Moisturizing using the night cream which restores your skin and makes it look fresh in the morning.
Once every while I apply a DIY face mask to pamper my skin. You can read the benefits and recipes for some of my favorite face masks here.

What I love most about the current products i'm using is that they are lightweight (i'm not sure i'm the only one who hates that annoying feeling like you have an invisible film on your face) and so far seem to be working for me. Lets pray that I keep up the good job on being consistent.

4 steps, 2 minutes

What products are you currently crazy about, share with us on the comments below.

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