Everyone probably has a little wanderlust spark in them and when the perfect trip sparks it, you always want to be out there exploring. My trip to Zanzibar was an eye opener and precisely what I needed to ignite my wanderlust spark.

Photo credits to Sally

In this trip I learnt and experienced new things which left me feeling like my 2017 is going to be a great one. Met new people and experienced a different culture to that in the mainland. I must also say I did very well during the ferry ride, didn’t freak out or fall seasick throughout the entire journey.
My friends and I embarked on a 2D1N journey to Zanzibar. We stayed at the Ikala hotel  which is very cosy and accessible, it’s about 2 minutes’ walk from the ferry. The hotel staff were quite helpful too, they showed us where we could eat for cheap and called a rental car for us to go to the beach. Room tip: ask for a room on the upper floors and one that has a view of the port and ocean.

Photo credits to Sally
Spice farm tour & Nungwi beach

We planned to spend our very first day at the beach and on the way there we dropped by a few places for a quick look, since it was convenient and on the way there too.
We went for a spice farm tour and the best part (for me) was getting to see, smell and taste some spices fresh from their trees or the ground. Trying out fragrant cosmetic products made from the various spices and lastly getting treated to tasting tropical fruits at the very end of our tour.
 The Nungwi beach boasts a magnificent view of the blue-green ocean waters but because there wasn’t enough time to explore and everyone was tired and fidgety after a heavy brunch meal we left without even getting out of the car. 

This was like heaven on earth, the white sands and aqua blue waters that are very inviting for a swim. Everything was beautiful and breathe taking at Kendwa rocks (well except what happened to me….i’ll talk about this some other time) especially the sunset.
We spent the rest of the afternoon frolicking in the waters, taking photos and soaking up some sun before heading back to town.

Photo credits to Sally

Forodhani waterfront

This place has a beautiful view of the harbor during the day, and is bustling with business and lights during the night. There are many varieties of local food, I had my first taste of Octopus here (very rubbery…don’t think I’ll every have it again) which I couldn’t finish. Around the Forodhani vicinity there are a few tourist attractions like the museum and the likes that you can visit if you have more time.

Revolution day celebrations

For a minute I was scared when gunshots, sirens and probably grenades (not sure, I’m probably being extra) could be heard right opposite our street at 12:00 AM . After a while it clicked that the island was celebrating its revolution day. My friends and I rushed to the hotel’s rooftop to view a magnificent show of fireworks and flare gun (I took so many snapchats and insta stories and my data decided to fail me).


Short walk to stone town

The people are quite friendly, they try talking to you and sell you some merchandise. What was funny about the walk into stone town is that everyone tried speaking to us in English, thinking we’re tourists. And when we replied to them in Swahili they’d be shocked or probably relieved that they don’t need to struggle with the foreign man’s language.
After every 2 minutes we had to take refuge in a shop to make way for vehicles commuting in the narrow streets. Which I found amusing for some reason.
Nearly all doors in Zanzibar have that coastal touch with slightly different adornments which makes them beautiful and easy to get lost while meandering in the streets.

Photo credits to Sally

I hope my short experience post can guide you (those who haven't been to ZNZ) to a much better and beautiful adventure/ experience in Zanzibar.

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