March 29, 2017

Long before matte lipsticks took over the makeup industry (probably) and our makeup stash, creamy formula lipsticks were everything to most of us. Remember your first encounter with mom’s lipstick as a toddler or teenager? Mine as a 'tween' was a red lipstick and I won’t forget how I was compared to a “guinea fowl that dipped its mouth in blood” 😂😂😂😂 (a popular reference from Song of Ocol and Lawino).

Well my current favourite lipsticks from Oriflame cosmetics just made me temporarily forget that I own matte lippies. I just love how this one product has 3 things in it i.e. lip balm, shimmer and lipstick formula all in one liddle tube. I love how I don’t have to be applying lip balm every now and then, because it’s annoying.

The shades are quite lovely and of course for WOC we’ll need lip liners, just to make the colors look lovelier with our skin tone. The lipsticks are 1) veeery! 2) the pigment is okay...not too dull or too bright 3) they don't last long (like matte or semi matte lipsticks would, they are creamy so.....), unless you're not eating, drinking or not into the habit of licking your lips then they'd stay on longer.
These babies are definitely something I would wear on regular days and touch up with lip gloss. The shades I have are Ravishing rose, stunning clover and striking coral.

1. Stunning clover

2. Striking coral

 My most winning shade is ravishing rose, I mean.....

You can purchase these lovely lipsticks and more from any Oriflame beauty consultant you know… (me inclusive) just drop me a DM via Instagram and we’ll work things out. And did I mention that 2 of these shades are currently on sale?!! Yes SALE!!

What are your current favorite lip products? Kindly share on the comments below.

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