Hello there lovelies!

It’s another beautiful day to be thankful for and also another day for a simple DIY face mask. Well this mask won't exactly turn you green like Shrek or Fionna, but the chances of you looking laughable in it makes up for the ogre part 😅. As usual, the ingredients green tea and honey are probably laying somewhere in your kitchen.

Green tea is good for your skin because of its antioxidant properties making it a good exfoliant, same goes for the honey. Honey will also act as a moisturizing agent for your skin leaving it smooth and nice to the touch. You can look up more benefits of green tea and honey here.
This mask works beautifully for all skin types, if you have oily skin (acne prone) you may consider adding a dash of cinnamon in the mask for antibacterial effects (beware: it stings!!).

}  Honey
}  Green Tea

After making my green tea, I tear the teabag and empty the contents into a bowl and add a spoon of honey to it and mix altogether. The amount of honey required for the mixture depends on its consistency, whether it’s thick or runny.  Eyeball it!  Best believe the last thing you want is a mask dripping all over.

After cleansing my face and patting it dry, I use either a brush or my fingers to apply the mask and leave it on for 10-15 mins. I work the mask in circular motions using my fingertips before washing it off. I then proceed with my daily face moisturizing routine, you can peep what I use here.
I hope you’ll enjoy the mask and its benefit.

What is your favorite go to DIY mask?

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