I’m a person who takes convenience a tad too seriously, I like having my life simplified at any expense. With the swooping surge of Instagram based shops in TZ selling all sorts of thrift items I made it a point for myself to explore these shops and judge whether it’s worth it to purchase from them or not.

When deciding whether or not to buy from a certain store I look into the image quality, price and delivery service.

By far the worst experience I’ve faced has to do with wrong sizing and faulty items. I can’t complain much about the faulty bit / they are thrift items / but a heads up from the seller would have been highly appreciated. The sizing bit is where I have most issues / it’s clearly labelled!! /. The items were posted as size 10 but were actually smaller than that, and again…..it was labelled!
 So I’m unsure if it’s the general unawareness of how sizes work in the US-UK-AUS & EU measurements or just doing things based on guess work.

This however won't entirely stop me from getting something cute off Instagram, I'll just have to gamble it and chose where to shop more wisely. Here is my favorite store to get trendy things from and here is my favorite store with the best customer service I've ever seen.

What are your views on thrift shopping via Instagram? Any cool store you’d like to recommend us to? Please leave your views on the comments below.

On another note, I have been struggling with blog pics |for forever| until now. I decided to get a tripod stand |finally.....after trying all sorts of DIYs|. Now I can take outfit pics on my own, I'm still learning though..|you can tell by my facial expression and movements|. So there is hope for new posts as everything will be going back as it was.

Here is a colorful office inspired look that is 50% thrifted, for a much professional look you can opt for a neutral colored blazer and pumps.

Thank you for dropping by the blog. Have a lovely day.

Outfit details
Top: thriftlove101||trench: nine2five (Zalora) ||Pants: lito_rwechu || shoes: Spur (MySale)

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