April 25, 2017

Makeup is still a major struggle for me (art and tools), especially after realizing that I dove in head first without any knowledge. I ended up with a bunch of stuff that I either didn’t really need or didn’t suit my skin type and tone or were well over 12 months since I opened them. I had them all because they were mad affordable….SMH (hoarder!!). Right now as I’m clearing most of the old stuff for a fresh start I’m just thinking about how I could have saved that money instead.

“Easy to find, great and pocket friendly” is the kind of stuff I’m currently scouting for, and while at it I was instantly reminded of an essential I currently can’t live (and leave) without, it’s a never miss in my purse or makeup bag, I’ve been on it for 9 months now. My LuvTouch collection powder compact alias Manjano. A Tanzanian owned cmakeup brand for WoC, read extensively about them here.

I’d sworn off makeup unless deemed necessary when I started out my skincare regimen which you can read about here. My confidence was then at stake due to the acne spots I had all over my face. And who better to save the day than a sister?  So I bought my first Manjano powder compact after being urged to try based on her experience. \ part of me felt like she was just tryna sell her stuff and I was the perfect bait \

I started using it as a powder and instantly loved the modest (medium) coverage I got from it and the fact that I didn’t break out or look too dolled up. What’s more is that you could apply it as a foundation using a damp sponge and ever since that day I have been using it on the regular until now….some 9 months later.

Lets cut to the chase, here are few possible questions answered as well as my experience with the product.
Mini update: I got the foundation too, will definitely review it some other time.

How much does it cost?
LuvTouch products are quite affordable at least judging from the prices shown on their website (says its Tsh 25,000 for a compact, I wouldn’t really rely on it though…been a while since its updated). As of now I only own a powder compact that I purchased for Tsh 30,000 but now it’s Tsh 35,000 from some retailers.
Where can you get them in Tanzania?
LuvTouch manjano products are available via any shear illusions outlets countrywide and through other individual retailers, I purchased mine from @kittenluxe based in Tanga. Click here for a list of retailers and contacts in other regions.
How much coverage does it offer? Cake face or nah?
I experienced a medium coverage when used alone without any other product apart from a face primer and setting spray. You can achieve full coverage if you use both the foundation itself and the powder or if you build up layers with the powder.
I promise you won’t look or feel cake-y, in fact you’ll forget you’re wearing foundation. Totes weightless!
Does it transfer on clothes and how long does it last?
Umm…yeah! As would most makeups for WoC…I guess but a good primer and setting spray should keep things in check. As for lasting, it does stay on for quite a long while regardless of whether I used a primer and setting spray or not.
What’s the finish like?
I observed a matte finish when I apply as it is i.e. no primer/ setting spray but after a few hours I would need to blot my T-Zone. And when I prime and set my skin I have to blot in like 30 minutes (depending on the weather). So I definitely have to touch up or blot my skin every once in a while throughout the day.

NOTE: Beware of fake manjano compacts, check their website to learn how to differentiate them from the original compacts

Overall the powder compact is a decent product that I would recommend to anyone looking for affordable, great and easily available makeup. Also because I strongly believe in supporting home-grown/ local brands because charity begins at home. Saves you the health risk from the fake products and the hassle from finding a brand that would definitely leave your pocket damaged.

Have you ever used any LuvTouch products? Care to share your experience?

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