May 18, 2017

This is a new ‘segment’ that I’m experimenting with under the beauty category, in which I will discuss the benefits, functions and my personal results of products from Oriflame and locally made beauty products. ||In other words I’ll be reviewing the products for you||.You can read about Oriflame’s ''short'' background here.
The first product to be discussed in here is a skincare set that I am currently using and I am loving it. My skin feels and looks incredibly beautiful; not that it wasn’t, it’s just a lot radiant now.
The Novage true perfection set promises to instantly boost hydration, enhance skin radiance and minimize pores. The active ingredient in this product is silk extract, you can read the full details about it here. It is designed to target and address the effects of a hectic lifestyle and help in delaying signs of premature-ageing leaving the user with perfect skin. It’s recommended to all skin types and suitable for persons of age 25 and above.
The set includes a gentle foaming cleanser, a skin renewing toner, an illuminating eye cream, a boosting serum, a day cream and night cream. You can read about how I incorporate these products in my daily skincare routine here.

Day and Night cream
Gentle cleanser and skin renewing toner

Illuminating eye cream and boosting serum

For a person like myself who has been battling acne for quite a while this is the only product that seems to give me the results I’ve been longing for. The kind of acne I’m suffering from is caused by my skin’s oiliness and large pores. Other issues with my facial skin include acne spots left after pimples dry up and my forehead which appears darker than the rest of my face.

All tubes prescribed to me by the dermatologist either caused more issues or left me to looking like I was bleaching myself. So I was worried that the products would do something similar and clogged pores were of greater concern; but to my surprise the oily zits and such cleared in roughly two and half weeks and the pores once obviously visible on my T-zone are not very obvious like before.

2013: I was using prescription tubes, notice the 2 tones?

2014- 15: see the acne scars? look at my face and my neck...prescription tubes

early 2016: slightly better complexion but peep the spots 
 2017: Taken yesterday, see the improvement?

What’s more the products are so light leaving your face feeling great and non-greasy. The forehead is showing some improvement and the acne spots left are all fading. Additionally, my under eye area also appears brighter, so in general I look fresh and well rested even if I had 3 hrs of sleep the night before.

 I love how my skin’s oiliness is under control, the only con I’ve experienced is that if I stop using the Novage range or when I use other products in between my face gets wonky again. And (for me) also the skin serum runs out pretty quickly.

I'll be doing a follow up post(s) to show you my progress, as I'm currently experimenting with it.

Thank you for dropping by the blog, I hope you have a beautiful day.  Do let me know your thoughts (if any) on the comment section.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post or a paid review post. Everything mentioned in here is based on my actual experience with the product.

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