Producing great photos is always a struggle and for a person who has no idea about what they are doing, user friendly editing apps are total life savers. While I’m still working and learning to improve the quality of my photos, I thought to share my cheat tricks to good looking photos for those who might need it.

Apps on my phone:

Aesthetics for life!!
This is one app that nearly every blogger or social media influencer uses. VSCO has a variety of cool free filters and some others that you can purchase.
I love it mainly for its filters because they give your photos some sort of feel….or need I say aesthetic?! // lol //. I would highly recommend VSCO for people who want to create a timeline/ feed theme.
My favorite filters are A4, A5, A6 and P5

Filter: A4
Filter: A5
The other app that I love mostly for un-effing up my ugly photos is Snapseed by google. This is yet another easy to use app which has a lot of functions in it. I use it mainly to edit photos from my phone before they can ‘graduate’ for a VSCO filter. Snapseed does have filters as well but they just don’t vibe with me. \\ some of them remind me of Instagram filters from back in the day  😢😢 \\
The functions that I use frequently in this app have to be dodge & burn and ambiance.

By far my best edit on SnapSeed, function used Ambiance

Another app that is great but I couldn’t use is Photo Editor. It’s actually a great app because my friend @Natureflow uses it and creates great edits be sure to peep her feed to see what I’m talking about.

App on my laptop:

This is the only app that I use on my laptop, as I mentioned earlier, I’m not tech savvy and this is the closest I could get to Photoshop. I’ve never used PhotoShop before, I only watch YouTube tutorials on how to use it and I have never even downloaded the app 😂😂. Additionally, I don’t do much with my photos so I’m fine with cheating my way around several apps. 

All the apps I’ve mentioned are available on PlayStore for android, and although I’m uncertain I believe it’s the same for those with appstore.

Thank you for dropping by the blog, I'd like to hear about your favorite editing apps so be sure to leave something below.

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