Hey there!

It's been a while innit?
I'm finally feeling great as summer is winding up, how quickly time flies.

I'm back!
/but not yet in full swing/
Where have I been?
I took a much-needed break to focus on my studies and boy! has it been hard. /I've never felt so lifeless before/. With less than a month to my final submission, I can't entirely say whether I am excited about it or not /the whole feeling is suited for another post/. 
In addition to focusing on studies, I felt somewhat pressurized. Like everyone else, I hit my limit with social media. I felt pressure to keep up, be consistent and all that comes with the ''online influencer" package. I started stressing over things, became obsessed with having the perfect feed, filter, picture ...../I even deleted most of my previous posts/ and eventually became entrapped in the writer's block, it has been really crazy on my end.
I simply couldn't focus and decided to shelf my camera for a while.

While away I found new things that I like, like listening to podcasts /current faves: the chai podcast and the receipts podcast/, became an otaku /anime and manga fan, onepiece is life lets NOT argue/. And I've just realized that I have begun a journey of self-discovery and it is exciting.

I think that is how I can best brief on what has been going on with me. Today, I won't yapper much but be sure there'll be posts in here every so often until my schedule sits right.


Moving on to today's post...

Yellow is and has been the official summer color for as long as I've known, and it is for all the right reasons. I'm a tad shocked that I have no yellow item in my wardrobe for this summer. Instead, red a color I have always avoided became my staple summer color.

I went for a casual look in this red zebra print skort paired with a white tee /how much more casual can it get?/. Finished off the look with white sneakers, a pair of hoops, black purse and of course a red lip.

Thanks for dropping by the blog, do let me know your thoughts on the look and whether you've dealt with obstacles similar to what I went through and how you overcame them.

Until next time, stay fab!

Outfit details

Sunglasses: MANGO|| T-Shirt: TrickyInk|| Skort: ZARA

Location: Market St. & Fraternal Parade - Pontypridd

 photo Untitled final_zpslejhm2ns.png